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Boys sit around blaming other people / events / their genes, or anything else outside their control for their situation in life.They blame their parents / their upbringing / their height / their ethnicity for their lack of success for where they are.“I could connect with her so I’m going to approach.” “I could learn something new so I’m going to try.” “I love feeling free so I’m going to express myself.” Men know the best life you can ever hope to achieve by running away from pain is neutrality and so consciously focus on fulfilling their deep desires.Boys sit around claiming that they’re had it tougher / harder than everyone else and that the world has treated the differently through no fault of their own.Boys take the victim mentality and assign responsibility for their life situation to people, outcomes, and events outside their control.“I didn’t have a father to teach me…” “I’m not tall enough…” “I didn’t get success when I was younger…” Men just focus on what they want and keep moving forward, regardless of how fair or unfair the world might appear.

Men are out in the field, taking action, pushing through barriers, challenging their limiting beliefs, and proving they can take on whatever the world throws at them.They repress them down and follow the safe path of agreeing with the social norm so they don’t get outcast.Boys project a socially acceptable façade that they use to blend into the swirling mass of humanity they struggle through every day.“I didn’t have a father to teach me so I’m going to work it out for myself.” “I might not be tall enough but I’m definitely going to be loud enough.” “I didn’t have success when I was younger so I’m going to make sure I do now.” Men know that fairness is an illusion and the world will continue to throw you curve balls and the only way you can ever have what you want is to get out and create it.Boys wait for their friends to laugh at their jokes, or women to give them ‘the look’, or their boss to invite them to share their ideas before stepping up to the plate and doing what they want.

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