Typology and cross dating

While the researchers of social and humanitarian effects of modern ICT mark the uneven development of various sectors of Internet communications in different countries [14].While Internet use has soared from around 45% to 78% in high-income countries since 2005, in low-income countries it has remained below 10% year after year.Blank [12] carried out a typological analysis of the so-called Internet cultures.Because of this method of hierarchical cluster analysis, scientists have identified five types of Internet culture among British Web-users: e-Mersives (12% of UK Internet users); Techno-pragmatists (17%); Cyber-savvy (19% of Internet users); Cyber-moderates (37%); Adigitals (14% of Internet users).Although not everyone uses global network in such way, but the overall trend is clear: Internet-behavior has become an important feature of modern society.On the Internet, the physical distance between the subjects does not play a significant role for communication, not only space and time are erased, but there is convergence of cultures, ideologies, traditions and values [5,6].However, despite the fact that the Internet has become one of the powerful tools and even a symbol of globalization, the users’ behavior on the Web differs considerably in different countries.

People have integrated the Internet into their routine existence as a way of communication that allows surfing between the networking, even if they are not there.Overall, the findings indicate that the characteristics of the national structure of types of Internet behaviors are driven both by levels of ICTs development and by social factors.Authors argue that national models, in which "innovators" and "pragmatists" dominate, are the most effective.As a result, the In computer, mobile phone and other gadgets.They were able to maintain contact with right people in large social nternet has become not only a means of communication, but also a tool to find information, advice and help in decision-making.

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