Xp stopped updating

But, perhaps you decided to persist with Windows XP, despite the pleas from Microsoft to give it up, and the advice of security professionals.

You are a menace to society and everyone around you. You should be shipped out to a remote island with no internet access to fend for yourselves so you can't infect anyone else.

Keep it civil, please: Decorous Lounge rules strictly enforced.

We all (hopefully) know that continuing to use Windows XP is a risky business.

Look, I have brought up many reasons why upgrades are necessary.

As my friend from Jersey, Johnny T., likes to say, "You gotta do it."It doesn't matter how many times I techsplain this, because some folks will always refuse to listen.

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You should not be allowed to touch a computer again either because you too are a menace. But over the weekend, the internet got hit with a massive cryptoware malware attack that compromised untold numbers of Windows XP systems, including the UK's National Health Service, which was warned years ago that it was open to exactly the kind of life-jeopardizing malware attack it is now dealing with. The good, the bad, and the target users | Ransomware attack: The second wave is coming, so get ready now | It's the year of Linux on the Windows desktop | Why patching Windows XP forever won't stop the next Wanna Crypt (Tech Republic)The entire industry was warned.

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