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All languages currently extant as well as extinct ones are represented.In no case has any volume borne any publication information.The foreword introduces the work as having won the Nobel Prize for Obstinance.Author: Edgar Allan Poe Language: English, modern Depth of recovery: 433m Description: A hitherto unknown collection of short stories.Dialogue consists entirely of rhetorical questions. Language: English, through a simple number-replacement cipher.Depth of recovery: 2,599m Description: A historical review of the symbolic role pachyderms have played throughout human history.Makes the case that abortion should be permitted through the fourth trimester.Author: Claudine Nemejanski Language: ASL (American Sign Language), modern (note: represented using illustrations of a posed, wooden mannequin) Depth of recovery: 1,001m Description: A series of examples and counter-examples to the proposition that the proof of the Banach-Tarski paradox both relies and is independent of Zermelo's axiom of choice.

Language: English, modern Depth of recovery: 28,111m Description: A polemic on the moral, medical, and societal costs of illegal abortion.Authors are occasionally authentic ones, though often they are wholly unknown.The works range from being somewhat unusual to completely nonsensical, though nominally at least intelligible (see the section Recovered Works).1950 BCE-1300 BCE Depth of recovery: 2m Description: An account of the development of religion and thought in Ancient Egypt.Much of the material remains a matter of conjecture as much of it resists translation.

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