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When Becky asked him how long he'd been divorced, he admitted that it wasn't final yet, that he was living in the basement of the home that he and his wife shared, and that they'd only been separated for three weeks.Becky gently told her date that he needed to first pursue emotional and spiritual healing. But dating so soon will almost inevitably lead to heartache, since he's neither emotionally nor legally available.She suggested that he develop relationships with other Christian men for support, rather than seek out women for emotional comfort. And, until he heals, he won't be able to relax and commit his entire heart to his new partner the way God intends.

You may believe the lie that you'll never find a godly man or woman, that you'll have to accept whoever comes along.

One way to avoid the temptation of settling is to know what's acceptable and what's not, to both you and God, before you start looking for love.

This is where slowing down before getting into a serious relationship helps.

You can also establish an accountability group made up of those who know and love you.

That way, when you feel tempted, you can call on them for prayer and support.

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